Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave is a vertical cave type collapse doline. This cave was formed due to the geological process of land subsidence along with the vegetation on it to the bottom of the earth that occurred thousands of years ago. This collapse formed a sinkhole or wells which in Javanese are known as luweng. That is what makes it unique because in the cave there is a cave mouth area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 50 meters which is often referred to by the name Luweng Jomblang. Jomblang Cave is located in Gunungkidul Regency, DI Yogyakarta.

Currently Jomblang Cave is a place of conservation of ancient plants and was developed into a special interest tourist attraction which is managed by residents or local residents. To descend this vertical cave, the management has provided complete equipment according to caving safety standards in the vertical cave. Sunlight that broke through from Luweng Grubug as high as 90 meters formed a pillar of light, illuminating the beautiful flowstone and the depth of the cave that was pitch black. Water that drips from a height also beautifies the view. It is not wrong if many people are amazed to come here when witnessing natural paintings known as "the light of heaven".

The Equipment


Before you go down, the crew/guide will gave you harness to wear and usually they will help you to wear the harness.


Helmets will provide to you after you finished with wearing the harness, chosse a helmet that have a adjustable strap so you can have tight or loose options,my recomendation you should use shower cap for your long hair.


Flashlight is a must bring item because its quite dark inside the cave, you can bring flashlight like the image on the left or normal flashlight, or you can use the torch from your smartphone.

Boots & socks

After registering and before going down you have to choose boots taht fit your size, this can be a problem if your size is more than 44 (Indonesian size) or you have to use your own shoes. a pair of long socks is a must to make you feel comfortable using the boots.

Starting time from hotel to jomblang cave

We usually starts the trip to jomblang cave on 7am for a low season, in high season we have to start from hotel from 6am to get qeue number, the latest yoyu arrived the bigest number you get so it's like first come first serve. The trip from Yogya to Jomblang will take more or less 1,5 hours - 2 hours depends on the trafic conditions

The jomblang tour will start at 9.3am until finished, usually finished at 12pm. after that you will get lunch box.

What are you waiting for :)come and explore Yogyakarta with us.

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